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How may Nanotechnology be used for Autoimmunity?

    - Nanotechnology should be used for improving the symptoms of autoimmune diseases because of its size advantage and accuracy

-The small stature of nanoparticles gives it a certain advantage; they can maneuver through the body easily and give medicine in smaller, controlled doses

- The advanced nature of nanotechnology allows it to be controlled or engineered to complete a task within the body

- There are two methods for treating the symptoms of autoimmune diseases with nanotechnology: immunostimulation and immunosuppression

- Immunostimulation is when nanoparticles stimulate T-cells, creating more

- The increased presence of T-cells  improves immune function which will decrease the severity of the symptoms

- Immunosuppression on the other hand works by calming down overactive T-cells

- Sometimes, the immune system is overactive  which causes it to consider every agent harmful

- The picture above shows the various pros and cons for both of these methods