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Future Areas of Research

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (as depicted to the left) is a condition where the median nerve that runs through the wrist is pinched

- Most symptoms include numbness, tingling, aching near wrist area, and stiff fingers

- By using localize therapy, nanoparticles can soothe the irritated median nerve thus returning it to its original condition

- This method is favorable because it is non-invasive (does not require surgery) 

- A torn tendon or ligament (as depicted to the right) occurs when excessive strain is put on a joint, causing it to tear

- This limits daily activities and movement and the patient has to wear a knee brace to protect over exertion of the tendon or ligament

- By localizing therapy, nanoparticles can mend the torn tendon or ligament

- This approach does not require surgery and is therefore non-invasive and preferable